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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Last weekend- some entertainment!

I often neglect to mention the fun stuff that the BSU and I find to do together during my blathering recaps of my weekends. To my readers, you might guess that my life, and our life is just one big drudge of schoolwork and chores. That's really not true. Somehow I just neglect to write about the fun stuff until its way past and then I write again about the droll stuff. So in the spirit of trying to encourage folks to believe that life behind the Zion Curtain isn't as terrible as I make it out, let me tell you about the concert we went to Friday night…

We went to see the Lovin' Spoonful! The band was playing at the Kenley Amphitheater just down the road in Layton last Friday night.

First off, the Kenley Amphitheater is a beautiful venue. It was our first visit but I promise it won't be our last. There's seating in proper chairs for 1500 folks or so and lawn seating just behind the (more) expensive seats. You can carry in your own chair or rent one for the night just a buck. We elected to purchase the reserved seating but there really is no bad seats in the place so its all a matter of preference. There are huge trees shading most of the seating from the setting sun and very nice flower beds surrounding the entrance. It’s a nice place for a show, its close and its priced right- why have we never been there before?

So, enough. Let's talk about the band and the music! It was fabulous! The Lovin' Spoonful's big album from the 60's, Daydream, was the first rock and roll record album I ever owned. My favorite aunt gave it to me as a Christmas present and I remember that my dad was mighty unhappy about the whole deal. But I loved that record and if there ever was a record that was see-through thin from having a needle run through it, it was that record. And because of that record, I became a fan of the Lovin' Spoonful forever.

John Sebastian and Zal Yanovsky are gone from the band of course, but the rest of the group remains with the addition of a couple younger guys playing drums and lead guitar. They played all their old hits, talked a little about the times in the 60s when they all met, became friends and band members and played some new songs they have produced in the past couple years. They also did a wonderful medley of the folks songs that were so popular early in the Flower Power generation that was a hit with the crowd.

It was great fun. The band was obviously in love with their place in life and on the stage and their performance reflected their passion and pleasure. The crowd sang along, clapped hands and even struggled with the whistling portion of Daydream. When the music was over the band stuck around to sign autographs and I was really sad that that old album disappeared during one of our many housecleaning efforts prior to moving somewhere back in my AF past. Otherwise, I would have taken it for autographing. I did buy their CD even if I didn't get it signed.

There was even some local TV news celebrities sitting in the row just in front of us. I would not have known or recognized these two attractive folks except that I heard other people talking to them during the break. I know how smitten Terry is with some of his Birmingham news reporters, so I couldn't help but wonder how he would have managed sitting just behind Samatha Hayes and her handsome, sportscaster date, who's name and bio I can't find right now. And since I can't find that info on KSL's website, I think she must be consorting with somebody from one of the other networks… [If I find his info, I'll update this] Anyway, I would not have recognized her from the television but I can assure you, she is a lovely young woman and drew a small continual flow of folks that just wanted to come over and shake her hand.

Afterwards, on the way home we had Baskin-Robbins and the evening was perfect.

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